How to Recycle Your Children’s Old Clothing

How to Recycle Your Children's Old Clothing

If you went shopping for a ton of baby clothes online in Reston, Virginia last year, chances are you’ll need to free up space in your toddler’s closet. Instead of throwing away old clothes, have you considered recycling instead? To learn more, here’s how you can recycle your children’s old clothing:

  • Give your children’s old clothes to family members or friends.

    Hand-me-downs are still the easiest and most effective way to recycle old clothes. If you have a family member, colleague, or friend who recently had a baby, consider giving away your toddler’s old clothes. Even better if you’ve got Turkish clothing since its high quality will surely make it last for a long time.

  • Donate old clothing to a charity organization in your community.

    If you recently ordered new kids wear online in Virginia and need to get rid of old clothes that no longer fit, consider donating them to a local charity organization. Your child’s old clothing can be used by other kids within your community who need spare clothes.

  • Transform old clothing into new memories.

    There are numerous arts and crafts projects that you can do at home to transform old, outgrown clothes into new memories. It will not only help serve a new purpose for these old clothes but also free up space in your children’s closets.

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