Earn Money From Your Child’s Outgrown Clothes: 5 Tips

Earn Money From Your Child’s Outgrown Clothes: 5 Tips

As a parent, you have to be practical with a lot of things―especially children’s clothes. Buying baby clothes online in Reston, Virginia does not come cheap. Your young one outgrows them in what seems like a blink of an eye. How will your budget keep up?

Easy — you make money from old clothes! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with donating for charity. Yet, if you’re in need of a quick buck, here are your options:

  1. Drop by a local consignment shop

    How does it go? The shop will give you a percentage of what they sell the item for.

  2. Join a local yard sale group on Facebook

    Yard sales used to be done on open lots. Yet, now that people can connect online, reaching out to potential buyers is a lot easier. You can also give other social media platforms a try.

  3. Sell the items on eBay

    Do you want to broaden your approach past your local neighborhood? Then, you should consider selling kids wear online in Virginia through this outlet. The wider your reach, the more interested clients you’ll get!

  4. Check out ThredUp

    Haven’t heard of this site before? ThredUp is a wide platform for buying and selling used clothing. All you have to do is request a cleanout kit from their site. Next, you fill it up with used clothes and send them back. This renders all your items as good as sold. Plus, you won’t even have to pay for shipping!

  5. Try Schoola

    If you want to support your child’s school, this is an option you can try. Schoola sells gently used Children’s Clothing. Then, the proceeds that result from a sale are gifted to a school. It works in the same way as ThredUp. Yes, sending out the postage-paid bag is absolutely free of charge.

Now that you have gotten rid of items you no longer need, it’s time to put your earnings into good use. What might that be? Buy new clothes for your little one. Take a quick look at what Lisa’s Children Fashion has to offer!

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